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The 4 ESSENTIAL SEWING ATTACHMENTS that will INSPIRE to take out your sewingmachines

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The Embroidery /Darning / Monogram Foot is valuable tool for sewers . 
Put it on your machine and watch the magic happen. Just dial your machine to the zig zag width you prefer. Then with just a little bit of guidance of the fabric you can do beautiful monograms, embroidery, appliqué and easy darning. Once this foot is on the machine the fabric almost floats as you guide it. If you’re monogramming  just trace out your letters and follow with your needle.
          The walking foot or it's sometimes called the even  feed foot is the most valuable and versatile . So many  functions. One function is it can sew almost all hard to  sew  slippery fabrics such as silks and chiffons. Second function , the  walking foot provides an extra set and bottom layers evenly  and stop fabrics like satin, spandex, silk and jerseys from sliding. The third function   It's also great for quilting.
 It’s  holds the batting perfectly in place. The fourth function is is wonderful for matching your prints together. It lines up your prints such as plaids or stripes therefore acing a more professional finished garments . 
The Ruffler attachment saves lots of time when making ruffles.  You can use on a single layer or 
gather or tuck .  It can be adjusted to make wide or
narrow pleats. 

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