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Walking Foot P60444 Low Shank

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Fits most machines which includes  most  machine brands and models currently sold and sold within the last 35 years. 

Deluxe Walking Foot Low Shank/ For even feeding of fabrics. When you're sewing multiple fabric layers, you want them to move through the machine at the same rate. Teeth on the bottom of a walking foot firmly feed the top fabric precisely as feed dogs move the bottom layer. There's no more shifting! Great for quilting or matching plaids. Includes quilting guide bar.                                                                                                                The walking foot or as it’s sometimes called the even feed foot is the most versatile of feet or attachments. You can sew almost all hard to sew fabrics  with it . The walking foot provides an extra set of top feed dogs to feed top and bottom layers of fabric evenly and stop fabrics like satin , spandex, silk,  jersey and many others from sliding or moving around. It’s also great  for quilting or any other  fabric  or operation that proves difficult for your regular sewing foot.

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