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395052-00 - Walking Foot Elna 62C 5000 - 395052-00

395052-00 - Walking Foot Elna 62C 5000 - 395052-00

PRICE: $ 26.44


if you've ever struggled to feed your fabric through a sewing machine, you need a walking foot. also known as a "dual feed foot" and "even feed foot", the walking foot is an essential tool for any sewer. this foot has built-in feed dogs that grip your fabric for better control. sewing thick fabric, multiple layers (quilts, binding), slippery fabric (leather, pvc, vinyl), and plush fabric (velvet, minky, suede) is fast, easy, and professional. guaranteed to fit babylock sewing machine models:
b15, b17, b21, bl1560, bl2100, bl2150, bl2160, bl6000, bl6200, bl6300, bl6600, bl6700, bl6800 guaranteed to fit brother sewing machine models:
ls590, ps1000, ps1200, ps1250, ps1700, ps1750, ps1800, ps1900, ps1950, ps2100, xl2010, xl2030, xl3010, xl3200, xl5010, xl5020, xl5030, xl5031, xl5050, xl5060, xl5070, xl5100, xl5130, xl5200, xl5300, xl5500, xl5600, xl5700, xl6040, xl6050, xl6060, xl6452, xl6552, xm2701 guaranteed to fit elna sewing machine models:
1010, 1400, 1500, 1600, 2002, 2004, 2006, 6000, carina jubilee 45, carina jubilee 46, carina jubilee 55, carina jubilee 56, carina jubilee 65, carina jubilee 66, carina jubilee 500, club, elnita graffiti 230, lotus 14, lotus 22, lotus 24, lotus 32, lotus 34, lotus 35, lotus 36, lotus 52, star 11, star 13, star 21, star 23, star 31, star 33, star 41, star 43, star 62, star 64, star 72, star 74, stella 17, stella 27, stella 37, stella 57, suguaranteed to fit euro pro, shark sewing machine models:

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