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XC8564031 - Thread Take Up Lever BL40A - XC8564031

XC8564031 - Thread Take Up Lever BL40A - XC8564031

PRICE: $ 11.37


guaranteed to fit babylock sewing machine models:
bl137a, bl137a2 (sofia 2), bl40, bl40a (grace), bl50a (rachel)guaranteed to fit brother sewing machine models:
bc-1000, bc-2100, bm2700, bm2700as, bm2800, bm2800ct, bm2800fg, bm3600, bm3700, bm3700ct, bm3700fg, bm3850, bm3850ct, bm3850fg, bx2925prw, ce1100prw, ce4000, ce4400, ce-5000, ce-5000prw, ce-5500, ce-5500prw, ce7070prw, ce8080, ce8080prw, comfort 10, comfort 12, comfort 15, comfort 25a, comfort 35a, cp6500, cp7500, cs100t, cs4000, cs-5055prw, cs6000, cs6000b, cs6000i, cs6000t, cs770, cs8800prw, cs9100, ds-120, ds-140, dz2400, dz2750, dz3000, dz3400, dz820e, es2000, ex660, fs-20, fs-40, fs-40wt, gs2700, gs2786k, gs3700, gs3710, gs3740c, hanami 27s, hanami 37s, hc1850, he240, hq33, hs1000, hs2000, hs2500, hs3000, hs9500, j17, jx2517, l30, l40, lb6770, lb6800, lb6800prw, lb6810, ls17, ls40, ls-590, lx1700, lx2500, lx2763, lx3850, ns40, ns80, nv900, nv900d, nv950, nv950d, pe500, pe540d, rs11, rs40s, rs45s, rs5, rs7, rs9, sb170, sb530t, sb7050e, sb7500, sc6600, sc9500, se-350, se-400, se425, sf100, sf200, sf250, sf300, sl300, sm-6500prw, sq9000, sq9050, sq9185, star 27s, star 37s, vesta ministar pink, vesta ministar blue, vesta ministar rose violet, vesta ministar rose wine, xl2120, xl2120pro, xl2121, xl2130, xl2130nt, xl2140, xl2150, xl2220, xl2220nt, xl2220plus, xl2230, xl2240, xl2250, xl2600, xl2600i, xl2610, xl2620, xl3500i, xl3600, xl3750, xl3750fs, xl3800, xm-3700, xq2700, xq3700, xr-1300, xr1355, xr4040, xr53, xr6060, xr-660, xr-7700, xr9000, xr9500prw

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