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395711-32 - Take Up Lever BL1170 El2110 - 395711-32

395711-32 - Take Up Lever BL1170 El2110 - 395711-32

PRICE: $ 13.79


guaranteed to fit babylock sewing machine models:
bl1108, bl18a (natalie), bl23 guaranteed to fit elna sewing machine models:
1000 (sew fun), 2002, 2004, 2006, 2300 guaranteed to fit janome (new home) sewing machine models:
104, 1004, 1508, 1518, 2049lx, 2149sx, 2212, hd1000, ja1504, ja1506, ja1508, ja1510, ja1512, jd1803, jd1804, jd1806, jd1810, jd1812, jd1814, jd1816, jd1818, jd1822, jf1004, jf1012, jf1014, jf1018, jf1018s, jf1022, js1008le, l344, l352, l372, l392, l393, lr1612, lr1616, lr1618, lr1622, rx18, rx22, tb-12 guaranteed to fit kenmore sewing machine models:

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