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Spool Cap (B) ESG Ellageo ESG2

130013124 - Spool Cap (B) ESG Ellageo ESG2 - 130013124

PRICE: $ 4.59


guaranteed to fit babylock sewing machine models:
bl137a sofia, bl137a2 sofia 2, bl37, bl60e, bl6150, bl6200, bl6600, bl6700, bl7500, bl7800, bl8000, bl8500, bl9500, bll ellageo, bll2 ellageo plus, blg ellegante, blcc crafter's choice, blcc2 crafter's choice, bldc, bldc2 decorator's choice, blmfo flourish, blmr emore, blmy melody, blg2-nz, blqc, blsy symphony, blsr, blsr-eb, bltp tempo, blty unity, eac, em1, em2, emi1, ese, ese2, esi, esi2, esg ellageo, esg2 ellageo 2, esg3 ellageo 3, esl ellure, esn encore, esp espire, int intrigueguaranteed to fit bernina sewing machine models:
deco 500, deco 600 guaranteed to fit brother sewing machine models:
845, ce1100prw, ce8080prw, cs8060, cs8100, cs8120, cs8130, cs8150, cs8200, cs8080, dz2400, dz2750, dz3000, dz3400, dz820e, fs100wt, fs130qc, he120, he240, hs9500, nc21-s2, nc21-s3, nc21-se, innovis 40 (ns40), lb6800, lb-6800prw, lb6810, nq1300, nq1300prw, nq700, nq700prw, nq900, nq900prw, nv900, nv900d (innov-ã­s 900d), nv350se, nv400, nv400se, nv4000d, nv4500d duetta, nv500, nv500d, nv600, nv6700d, nv750d, nv780d, nv950, nv950d, nv1200, nv1500d, nx200, nx200 innovis, nx200 pacesetter, nx200le, nx200qe, nx400, nx400 innovis, nx400le, nx400 pacesetter, nx400q, nx400qe, nx450, nx450q, nx5000, nx600, nx650, pc420, pc420prw, pc2800, pc3000, pc5000, pc6000, pc6500, pc7000, pc7500, pc8000, pc8200, pc8500, pc8500d, pc8895, pc420, pc8200, pc8500, pe100, pe150, pe150v, pe170d, pe180d, pe200, pe540d, pe750d innovis, pe770, ps1000, ps1250, ps1700, ps1750, ps1800, ps1900, ps1950, ps2100, ps2200, ps2300, ps2500, qc1000, qs480, s62, sb7500, se-350, se-400, se425, sm6500prw, ult2001, ult2002, ve2200, vq2400, xl2010, xl2021, xl3010, xl3022, xl3025, xl3027, xl3030, xl3100, xl3200, xl4010, xl4012, xl4013, xl4014, xl4015, xl4020, xl4030, xl4040, xl4050, xl4060, xl6040, xl6050, xl6060, xl6452, xl6552, xl6562, xr1355, xr31, xr32, xr33, xr34, xr35, xr37, xr40, xr46, xr52c, xr65t, xr1300, xr1355 guaranteed to fit riccar sewing machine models:
r3100, r3200 guaranteed to fit simplicity sewing machine models:
se1, se2, se3, sl6600

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