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Sp Washer M3X6 Emp6 Bldy

XC7564051 - Sp Washer M3X6 Emp6 Bldy - XC7564051

PRICE: $ 2.29


guaranteed to fit babylock sewing machine models:
bl200a, blar, bldc, bldc2, blg, blg2, blg2-nz, blg3, bll, blmr, bln, blsog, blsr, blsy, bmp6, bmp8, bmp9, bnd9, bnt10, bnt10l guaranteed to fit brother sewing machine models:
bp2100, nv1500, nv2500d, nv2800d, nv4000, nv4000d, nv4500d, nv4750d, nv6000, nv6700d, nv700e, nv750e, nv780d, nx2000, pe700, pe700ii, pe750d, pe770, pe780d, pr1000, pr600, pr600ii, pr600iic, pr620, pr620c, qc1000, ve2200, vq2400, vq3000

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