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Screw Bldy SL9240 SL9150 ESP

136681021 - Screw Bldy SL9240 SL9150 ESP - 136681021

PRICE: $ 2.29


guaranteed to fit babylock sewing machine models:
bl137a2, bl200a, bl37, bl40, bl40a, bl6300, bl6800, blcc2, bldc2, blmr, blmy, blqc2, blr, blr2, blr3, & bltp guaranteed to fit brother sewing machine models:
bc-1000, bc-2100, ce-4000, ce-5000, ce-5000prw, cs-100t, cs-4000, cs-6000, cs-6000, cs-6000i, cs-6000t, cs770, es-2000, ex660, he240, hs1000, innov-is nx800, innov-is 40, innov-is 80, lb68000prw, ls-2125, ls-2125b, ls-2129, ls-2130, ls-2150, ls-2160, ls-2220, ls-2720, ls-2725, ls-2820, ls-2825, ls-2920, ls1520, ls2125i, lx-3125, lx-3125e, ns-40, ns-80, nv-350se, nv-400, nv400se, nv-600, nv-700e, nv-750e, nv-780d, nv-900, nv-900d, nv1000, nv1200, nv200, nv950d, nx400, nx400 innovis, nx400le, nx400 pacesetter, nx400q, nx400qe, nx-650, nx-200, nx200 innovis, nx200 pacesetter, nx200le, nx200qe, nx250, nx450, nx450q, nx600, pc210, pc210prw, pc420, pc420prw, pe-750d, pe700, pe700ii, pe750d, pe770, pe780d, ps-2250, ps-2360, ps-2470, ps-3100, ps-3700, ps21, ps3100, px100, px200, px300, sb3129, se-350, se-400, sm-6500prw, vx-1435, xl-5500, xl-5600, xl-5700, xr-660, & xr-7700

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