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Regular Needle 5 Pk

15X1-A - Regular Needle (5 Pack) - 15X1-A

PRICE: $ 4.01


guaranteed to fit babylock serger models:
bl202, bl400, bl402guaranteed to fit brother serger models:
150 campus, bm2700, bm2700as, bm2800, bm2800ct, bm2800fg, bm3550fg, bm3600, bm3700, bm3700ct, bm3700fg, bm3850, bm3850ct, comfort 25a, comfort 35a, gs2700, gs2786k, gs3700, gs3710, hanami 27s, hanami 37s, hq33, l30, l40, ls2000, ls2020p, ls2250prw, ls2300prw, ls2350, lx1700, lx2375, lx2763, lx3850, nv1500d, nv4500d duetta, nv90, nv90e, nv95e, nv950, nv950e, nx200le, nx200 innovis, nx200 pacesetter, nx5000, pr100e, pr600ii, pr600iic, pr620, pr620c, pr650e, rs40s, rs45s, sm6500prw, star 27s, star 37s, vx1250, vx1400, vx847, vx870, xl3100, xl3200, xl3500i, xl3600, xl3750fs, xl4012, xl4013, xl4014, xl4015, xl5230, xq2700, xq3700, xr31, xr32, xr33, xr34guaranteed to fit europro sewing machine models:
801 guaranteed to fit husqvarna viking sewing machine & serger models:
207, 560, 800, 900, 560ed, 560edtguaranteed to fit janome (newhome) sewing machine and serger models:
134d, 203, 303, 234, 234d, 334d, 434d, 534d, 7061nx, combi 6, combi 10guaranteed to fit juki sewing machine & serger models:
mo102, mo103, mo104, mo134, mo613, mo-623, mo634, mo634d, mo634de, mo634m, mo644d, mo654de, mo655, mo655de, tl98e, tl98qguaranteed to fit kenmore sewing machine & serger models:
117.959guaranteed to fit necchi sewing machine models:
supernovaguaranteed to fit pfaff serger models:
138, 738, 784, 786, 788, 794, 795, 796, 797, 799, 1215, 7570guaranteed to fit riccar sewing machine models:
333, 888guaranteed to fit simplicity serger models:
sl804, sl804dguaranteed to fit singer sewing machine models:
27, 28, 127, 128, 221, 31-15, 66-14, 66-16

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