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P60494 - Quilting Foot Ditch (Edge Joint) - P60494

P60494 - Quilting Foot Ditch (Edge Joint) - P60494

PRICE: $ 13.79


guaranteed to fit janome (new home) sewing machine models:
525s, 5812 (hf5812), 625e sewist, 665 jem gold 3, 706nx, 7061nx, 7318 magnolia, 7330 magnolia, 8050 (hf8050), aqs2009, dc1018, dc2007le, dc2010, dc3050, ds3500, hf3000, ss2015 (all top loading bobbin case machines) guaranteed to fit kenmore sewing machine models:
385.16120, 385.16120200 (all top loading bobbin case machines)guaranteed to fit necchi sewing machine models:
ex100, ex30, ex60, fb12, ne30, qs60, tm8

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