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Needle Plate Screw BL1170

681009101 - Needle Plate Screw BL1170 - 681009101

PRICE: $ 2.78


guaranteed to fit babylock sewing machine models:
bl1108, bl18a (natalie), bl23, bl23a, bl25a, el2130, el2110, bl16, bl22guaranteed to fit elna sewing machine models:
explore 220, 620 experience, 660 experience, 8100 guaranteed to fit janome sewing machine models:
104, 2040, 2041, 3160qdc, 521, 525s, 660, 661, 706nx, 7061nx, 720, 760, 7330 magnolia, 888, aqs2009, dc2007le, dc4030p, hello kitty 13512, hello kitty 14412, hello kitty 15312, hello kitty 15822, ht2008, jd1803, jd1804, jd1806, jd1810, jd1812, jd1814, jd1816, jd1818, jd1822, jf1004, jf1012, jf1014, jf1018, jf1018s, jf1022, js1004, jw7630, l344, l352, l372, l392, l393, lr1612, lr1616, lr1618, lr1622, mc3000, mc3500, mc4018, mc4000, mc4023, mc4123, mc5000, mc5700, mc8000, mo200, qs2250, rx18, rx22, classmate s750guaranteed to fit necchi sewing machine models:
tm8 guaranteed to fit viking sewing machine models:

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