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202451 - Lower Knife Pfaff 5700 - 202451

202451 - Lower Knife Pfaff 5700 - 202451

PRICE: $ 4.59


guaranteed to fit pfaff serger machine models:
5700 guaranteed to fit singer serger machine models:
107w11, 107w6, 107w8, 108w2, 108w4, 108w5, 110w100, 110w115, 110w120, 110w121, 112w101, 112w110, 112w130, 112w131, 112w135, 11w2, 121w, 122w, 12w113, 12w116, 12w12, 131w103, 131w104, 16w1, 16w10, 16w2, 16w3, 16w5, 16w6, 16w7, 16w8, 16w9, 17w10, 17w11, 17w12, 17w13, 17w3, 17w5, 17w9, 21w100, 21w162, 21w4, 21w52, 22w1, 22w110, 22w111, 22w112, 22w113, 22w131, 22w133, 22w165, 22w166, 22w167, 22w168, 22w169, 22w170, 22w20, 22w204, 22w207, 22w23, 22w25, 22w38, 23w, 24w, 26w, 28w, 510w1, 61w, 61w104, 61w106, 61w107, 61w12, 61w13, 61w16, 61w18, 61w34, 61w76, 62w1, 71w, 72w, 72w13, 72w18, 72w19 guaranteed to fit wilcox and gibbs serger machine models:
500, 500sr

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