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Juki MO-104D 2-Needle, 3/4-Thread Overlock Machine with Differential Feed

MO-104D - Juki MO-104D 2-Needle, 3/4-Thread Overlock Machine with Differential Feed

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on october 10, juki will begin global sales of the mo-104d compact household overlock sewing machines, which have enjoyed a good reputation in japan since their initial launch in addition to the basic overlock sewing machine functions of wrapped overlocking and seaming while cutting the edges of the fabric, this machine allows the user to sew up to 15 types of different stitches by adjusting the thread tension and feed settings. as it is easy to switch from normal wrapped overlocking to carring hemming and coverstitch, the machine can be used for a variety of applications , such as clothes and stoles. in addition, the differential fabric feed enables making it possible to beautifully sew elastic fabric, such as georgette and knits.moreover, the machine adopts a lay-in threading function. with this function, threading can be done simply by placing the thread in the straight groove, which
makes it easy to thread the thread tension dial. in addition, the tension disc opens when the presser foot is lifted, allowing thick threads to be threaded easily.
furthermore, the thread tension can be checked based on the position of the slide lever, making it easy to balance the tension between the threads.juki will continue to expand sales in the compact overlock sewing machine market by selling this compact sewing machine globally, as it is regarded as highly reliable in japan and as it allows for multiple types of stitching.features:* it is possible to switch between roll hemming and narrow overlocking in one step simply by operating the nob for switching the darning width.
* the position of the side cutter can be adjusted easily with a dial. the space between the needle and the cutter can be adjusted by turning the knob , depending on the type of fabric used or the condition of the stitches , such as when the edge of the fabric curls up or when there is extra thread.
* presser foot pressure can be adjusted by turning a dial, according to the type of fabric used.
* a lamp is provided to illuminate the area around the needle.
* there is also an optional two-thread attachment for two-thread sewingspecifications:number of threads: 2/3/4 threads
needle: schmetz 130/705h nm 70, 80, 90
standard overlock width: left needle: 5-7mm, right needle: 3-5mm, rolled hem: 1.8-2.2mm
stitch length: 1-4mm (standard : 2.5mm)
differential feed: 0.7-2.0 ratio
presser foot lift: 5mm/7.5mm
sewing speed: maximum 1,500spm
lower looper threader: ?
upper looper converter: standard equipment
adjustable stitch length: dial, exterior right hand side
differential feed: dial, exterior right hand side

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