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Juki 2-MO-655 Needle, 2/3/4/5-Thread Overlock Machine with Differential Feed and Micro Safety Switch

MO-655 - Juki 2-MO-655 Needle, 2/3/4/5-Thread Overlock Machine with Differential Feed and Micro Safety Switch

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enhance your world of sewing with the juki mo-655 serger featuring 2-needle, 2/3/4/5 thread overlock, with differential feed and chain stitch. the mo-655 has built-in rolled hemming, performs all the popular overlock and flatlock variations, and can create a secure 5-thread safety stitch. add serging techniques to your world of sewing and open new doors to design opportunities!color-coded threading guides
threading the mo-655 is a breeze. the thread paths are color-coded and clearly marked.easy tension adjustment
1-rotation thread tension dials with normal tensions highlighted for simple, consistent tension adjustment.specially designed guides keep thread in place and ensure proper sewing tension at any speed.super easy looper threading
the lower looper threader disengages for fast, easy looper threading, in seconds.just slide the thread into the slot and snap the looper into place.chain looper threading - in a snap
threading that is fast, easy and done in a snap. just push the button and the chain looper snaps down for easy threading.multi-function presser foot
the multipurpose presser foot, standard on the mo-655, allows you to create overlock stitches and add tape, elastic, ribbon, or sequins to your creations.snap-on presser feet mean that you can easily change from the multi-purpose foot to one of the juki specialty feet and expand the creative potential of the mo-655.serging precision
the built-in seam guide takes the guesswork out of seam allowances. just use the conveniently located gauge on the guard cover and serge away, creating accurate seam allowances as you go.heavy duty knife system
the knife system on the mo-655 operates with a dedicated drive to assure consistent and easy cutting for both light and heavy weight fabrics.easy cutting width adjustment
the lower knife cutting width easily and quickly adjusts with the turn of the dial allowing you to create perfect seams and rolled edges.bright lights - better view
lighting on the mo-655 provides optimum lighting to the fabric and needle areas.flip and roll
automatic rolled hemming can be created quickly and easily with a flip of a switch. no need to change the needle plate or foot - just flip and roll!differential feed adjustment
keep things moving along evenly, or create fashion techniques, like lettuce edges, with the easy to use differential feed dial.easy stitch length adjustments
change the stitch length for specialty thread or overlock techniques using the conveniently located dial.create chain stitching easily
the chain stitch bed allows you to easily create chain stitching with regular thread or with specialty thread quickly and easily.the mo-655 offers juki's advanced overlock technology for worry-free overlocking.specifications:sewing speed: max. 1500rpm
stitch length: max.4mm, standard 2.5mm
overlocking width: left needle: 8mm / right needle: 4mm, chainstitch: 10mm, rolled hem: 2mm
differential feed: 0.7 : 2.0 ratio
presser foot lift: 5mm
dimensions (mm): 315mm x 345mm x 295mm
weight (machine): 7.2 kg (15.5 lbs.)
needles: household #11~#14convenience features:* snap-on presser feet
* color coded thread paths
* disengaging loopers for
* fast, easy threading
* built-in rolled hemming
* 2/3/4 thread options
* industrial tension system
* industrial cutting system
* sewing guage built-in for accurate seams
* fast 2-thread conversion
* differential feed
* micro safety switchstitches:* 2-thread chain stitch
* 5-thread safety stitch4-thread overlock
* 3-thread flatlock
* 3-thread narrow overlock
* 3-thread overlock
* 3-thread rolled hem
* 2-thread rolled hem
* 2-thread overcastincluded accessories:* presser foot
* large screwdriver
* small screwdriver
* spare lower knife
* spool caps
* oiler
* thread nets
* vinyl cover
* needle pack
* tweezer
* brush & needle inserter
* needle threader
* guide bar
* 2/3 thread selector
* accessory pouch
* light bulb
* instruction manual
* foot control & power cord

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