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Invisible Zipper Foot Viking

412687045 - Invisible Zipper Foot Viking - 412687045

PRICE: $ 40.24


to properly install an invisible zipper, you must have an invisible zipper foot. as the zipper coils are guided through the tunnel system, the needle sews as close the coils as possible. this easy-to-use foot ensures your zippers are finished professionally and rival that of any high quality garment.guaranteed to fit viking h class sewing machine models:
200sgroup 7: viking presser feet models:
designer 1, designer 2, designer 1 usb, designer se, designer diamond, designer diamond royale, designer ruby royale, designer topaz 20, designer topaz 30, designer topaz 50, sapphire 875q, sapphire 870, sapphire 855, sapphire 850, sapphire 835, sapphire 830, quilt, quilt designer, quilt designer 2

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