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ESG Embroidery Frame Adaptor

ESGF-A - ESG Embroidery Frame Adaptor - ESGF-A

PRICE: $ 18.39


guaranteed to fit babylock sewing machine models:
group a: esg (ellageo), esg2 (ellageo 2), esg3 (ellageo 3), ese (esante), ese2 (esante 2), esl (ellure), esp (espire), esn (encore) group b: bl7800, blsog (ellisimo gold), blso (ellisimo), blg (ellegante), blg2 (ellegante 2), blg3 (ellegante 3), bll (ellageo), bll2 (ellageo 2), bln (esante), esi (esante), esi2 (esante), blsr (espire), blsy (symphony) group d: bl37, bl2160, bl6150, bl6200, bl6300, bl6600, bl6700, bl6800, bl40 (creative pro), bl40a (grace) group g: blqc (quilter's choice), blqc2 (quilter's choice 2), blmy (melody), bldc (decorator's choice), bldc2 (decorator's choice 2), bl200a (elizabeth), blcc (crafter's choice), blcc2 (crafter's choice 2), bltp (tempo), int (intrigue), bl66 (xscape), bl67 (audrey), blr (ellure), blr2 (ellure plus), blr3 (ellure plus), bl137a (sofia) bl137a2 (sofia) group h: bl100a, bl22 (design pro), bl23 (design pro), bl16 (denim pro), bl18 (denim pro), bl23a (maria), bl18a (natalie), bl30a (molly), bl20a (anna), bl9 guaranteed to fit brother sewing machine models:
150 campus, 651, he240, lb6770, lb6800, lb6800prw, lb6810, nv900d, nv950d, sb7500, se350, se400, se425, vx847, vx870guaranteed to fit janome sewing machine models:
1017 harmony guaranteed to fit pfaff sewing machine models:

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