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Embroidery Frame Nut Ef60

XA6982001 - Embroidery Frame Nut Ef60 - XA6982001

PRICE: $ 3.44


guaranteed to fit babylock sewing machine models:
bl137a, bl137a2, blmr, blr, blr2, blr3, eac, int (intrigue)guaranteed to fit brother sewing machine models:
he120, he120pkg, he240, lb6770, lb6800prw, nc21-se, nv1000, nv1200, nv1250d, nv500, nv500d, nv700e, nv750e, nv780d, nv90, nv900, nv900d, nv90e, nv95e, nv950d, nv950e, pe500, pe540d, pe700, pe700ii, pe750d, pe770, pe780d, pe7050e, se270d, se350, se400, se425guaranteed to fit simplicity sewing machine models:

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