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Blindstitch Foot (R) Bldc Blcc

X56409051 - Blindstitch Foot (R) Bldc Blcc - X56409051

PRICE: $ 11.49


sewing machine blindhem presser foot (r) x56409001 - baby lock, brother compatible with baby lock sewing machine models:
bl40, bl40a (grace), bl200a (elizabeth), blcc (crafter's choice), blcc2 (crafter's choice), bldc, bldc2 (decorator's choice), blg, blmy (melody), bln (esante), blqc, blr3 & bltp (tempo), esi, esi2, ese, ese2, esg, esl, esn (encore)), esp (espire) & int. compatible with brother sewing machine models:
cs8060, cs8100, cs8150, cs8200, nv1200, nv4000d, nx200, nx400, nx600, pc7000, pc7500, pc8000, pc8200, pc8500, pc8895, pe300s, pe400d, ult2001, ult2002 & ult2003d.

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