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1/4" Quilting Foot With Guide - XC6800251 -

XC6800251 - 1/4" Quilting Foot With Guide - XC6800251

PRICE: $ 14.94


guaranteed to fit babylock sewing machine models:
bldy group a: esg (ellageo), esg2 (ellageo 2), esg3 (ellageo 3), ese (esante), ese2 (esante 2), esl (ellure), esp (espire), esn (encore) group b: bl1108, bl7800, blsog (ellisimo gold), blso (ellisimo), blg (ellegante), blg2 (ellegante 2, blg3 (ellegante 3), bll (ellageo), bll2 (ellageo 2), bln (esante), blty unity, esi (esante), esi2 (esante), blsr (espire), blsy (symphony) group d: bl37, bl2160, bl6150, bl6200, bl6300, bl6600, bl6700, bl6800, bl40 (creative pro), bl37 (creative pro), bl40a (grace)br /& gt;
group g: blqc (quilter's choice), blqc2 (quilter's choice 2), blmy (melody), bldc (decorator's choice), bldc2 (decorator's choice 2), bl200a (elizabeth), blcc (crafter's choice), blcc2 (crafter's choice 2), bltp (tempo), int (intrigue), bl66 (xscape), bl67 (audrey), blr (ellure), blr2 (ellure plus), blr3 (ellure plus), bl137a (sofia), bl137a2 (sofia) group h: bl22 (design pro), bl23 (design pro), bl16 (denim pro), bl18 (denim pro), bl23a (maria), bl25a, bl18a (natalie), bl30a (molly), bl20a (anna), bl9, blsr-eb guaranteed to fit bernette sewing machine models:
46, 55, 56, 65, 66, 80e, 82e, 90e, 1055, 1065, 1080e, 1090e, 2055, 2056, 2066, 2082e, e55, e65, e66, e80e, e82e, e90eguaranteed to fit brother sewing machine models:
bc-1000, bm2700, bm2700as, bm2800, bm2800ct, bm2800fg, bm3550fg, bm3600, bm3700, bm3700ct, bm3700fg, bm3850, bm3850ct, ce-4000, ce-5000prw, comfort 25a, comfort 35a, cs-100t, cs-6000, cs-6000i, cs-6000t, cs-8072, cs-8150, ds120, ds140, es-2000, ex660, gs2700, gs2786k, gs3700, gs3710, hanami 27s, hanami 37s, he-120, he240, hq33, l30, l40, lb6770prw, lb6810, ls2000, ls2020p, ls-2125, ls-2125i, ls2250prw, ls2300prw, ls2320, ls2350, lx1700, lx2375, lx2763, nq1300, nq1300prw, nq3500d, nq700, nq700prw, nq900, nq900prw, ns20, ns30, ns40, ns80, nv1000, nv1200, nv1250d, nv2500d, nv2800d, nv4000, nv4000d, nv6000, nv6700d, nv90, nv90e, nv900d, nv95e, nv950d, nv950e, innov-is v3, innov-is v5, innov-is v7, lb6770, lb6800, lb6800prw, lx3850, nx-200, nx-250, nx-400, nx-450, nx-450q, nx5000, nx-600, nx-650q, nx-800 pc-210, pc-210prw, pc-2800, pc-3000, pc-5000, pc-6000, pc-6500, pc-7000, pc-7500, pc-8000, pc-8200, pc-8500, pc-420, pc-420prw, pc-6000, pc-6500, pe-400d, pacesetter ps21, qc1000, rs40s, rs45s, sb7500, se-270d, se-350, se-400, se-425, sq9185, star 27s, star 37s, ult2001, ult2002, ult2003, ve2200, vq2400, vq3000, vx1250, vx1400, vx-1435, xl-2600, xl-2600i, xl-2610, xl3100, xl3200, xl-3500, xl3500i, xl-3500t, xl-3510, xl3600, xl3750fs, xl4012, xl4013, xl4014, xl4015, xl5230, xl-5500, xl-5600, xl5700, xq2700, xq3700, xr1355, xr31, xr32, xr33, xr34, xr53, guaranteed to fit janome sewing machine models:
128, 2206, 2212, 2222, 234, 3128, 41012, hd1000, mc11000, s-3023, hello kitty 11706, hello kitty 13512, hello kitty 14412, hello kitty 15312, hello kitty 15822, jd1803, jd1804, jd1806, jd1810, jd1812, jd1814, jd1816, jd1822, jf1004, jf1012, jf1014, jf1018, jf1018s, jf1022, jw5622, 2212, 3128guaranteed to fit pfaff sewing machine models:
smart 200c guaranteed to fit simplicity sewing machine models:
sl300, sb3129, sb4138guaranteed to fit singer sewing machine models:
1409 promise, 1507wc, 2010 superb, 2250 tradition, 2259 tradition, 2263 simple, 2273 esteem ii, 2277 tradition, 2932, 3116 simple, 3321 talent, 3323s talent, 3709, 4210 inspiration, 4220 inspiration, 4228 inspiration, 4411 heavy duty, 4423 heavy duty, 5400, 5500 fashion mate, 5511 scholastic, 5523 scholastic, 6160, 6180 brilliance, 6199 brilliance, 6510, 7256 fashion mate, 7258 stylist, 7350, 7430, 7442, 7463 confidence, 7462 touch & sew, 7466 touch & sew, 7467 confidence, 7467s confidence stylist, 7469q confidence quilter, 7470 confidence, 8280 scholastic, 8763 curvy, 8768, 8770 curvy, 8780 curvy, 9920, 9960 quantum stylist, athena, featherweight 75, h74

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