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Margaret S.

I started sewing for myself after taking a class in junior high school and never looked back. After having 2 daughters, I made much of their clothing. Then my career got in the way since my time was very limited. After retiring, sewing has opened up into many more directions. I have a love of piecing quilts and machine embroidery. I get excited to take a new class or learn a new technique. I still love to sew for the granddaughters and now a great granddaughter. I have been a member of the local quilting guild and a member of the American Sewing Guild for many years. I have taught young girls the sewing basics at our craft camp and have demonstrated many specialized techniques. One of the most important skills to learn in sewing is patience. And, the more you sew, the more you learn and improve on your techniques. Take your time and enjoy the process. Just remember you are the designer. It’s not a mistake; it is just a design opportunity. When starting a new project, make sure you have a cleaned, oiled machine with a new needle. I am not a machine brand snob and have a range of machines from different manufacturers and my collection of classic antiques.

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